Aims and Scope

Microbial Biosystems is open access, non-profit, and peer reviewed journal which publishes original papers in all aspects of microbial biology by the Arab Society for Fungal Conservation. The journal is open to papers dealing with all aspects of Microbial biology, systematics, and ecology. Research studies containing novel and significant findings, from the molecular level to ecosystems are welcome. 

 Vision: Arab Society for Fungal Conservation bother to support efforts to create a network of associations working in the field of fungal conservation at various levels (local and international) and raise the level of awareness among scientists in the Arab world to promote the protection of wildlife and biodiversity of fungi and microorganisms.


Mission: Promotion, protection and development of ecosystems, habitats and wildlife and its diverse especially fungi from different aspects, and raise awareness of the importance of fungal conservation and access to more economic methods of sustainable and harmonious with the nature of human life in the Arab world.

Microbial Biosystems Journal publishes microbial research of local and international interest. We seek reviews, advances in methodology, and original contributions, emphasizing the following areas:
1. Agricultural Microbiology
2. A Transcriptomic and Proteomic Approach in Microbial Biology
3. Bacteria
4. Behavioral ecology
5. Biocontrol
6. Biodeterioration
7. Biodiversity and Conservation
8. Checklist
9. Cultural Heritage and Microbes
10. Ecosystem ecology
11. Food Microbiology
12. Fungi
13. Global change and conservation ecology
14. Human Microbial Interactions
15. Industrial Applications
16. Medical Microbiology
17. Microbial Ecology
18. Microbial-animal interactions
19. Microbial Biofuels
20. Microbial-plant interactions
21. Biomaterials

22. Mycotoxins
23. Plant Pathology
24. Physiological Ecology
26. Pollution
26. Symbiosis
27. Virology