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Microbial Biosystems is an open-access, non-profit, and peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers in all aspects of microbial biology by the Arab Society for Fungal Conservation. MBJ was founded and owned by the Arab Society for Fungal Conservation in 2016. MBJ is a biannual journal till the end of 2025. In 2026 it will be quarterly published. The journal is open to papers dealing with all aspects of Microbial biology, systematics, and ecology. Research studies containing novel and significant findings, from the molecular level to ecosystems are welcome.

MBJ has been conceived in consideration of the recent progress in microbial research. An editorial board has been devised to ensure that all the main trends of contemporary microbial biology science are represented. Manuscripts are classified as 'Full Paper', 'Rapid Report', or 'Short Communication'. A Rapid Report is intended for publication, in a concise form, of new and relevant findings. The classification as Rapid Report is determined by the Editor in Chief. A Short Communication (no more than two printed pages) is for a concise but independent report. It is not intended for the publication of preliminary results. Review articles are also published, but only upon invitation by the Editor. An international panel of highly qualified referees warrants the highest scientific standard.

Accepted Special Issues:
Microbial Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Drug Development: Harnessing the Power of Microbes for Innovation and Production.

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 1-80 

Comparative antifungal potential of six formulated herbal shampoos against Candida albicans causing Seborrheic dermatitis

Pages 17-26

Harshada Chattar; Bhushan Pimple; Mohini Kuchekar; Harshal Tare; Vijay Wagh; Ramanlal Kachave

Immunodiagnostic investigations for children with lymphadenopathy at Tanta University hospital

Pages 33-37

Saida Mohamed Amer; Nanis Gamal El-Din Allam; Mohamed Ramadan El-Shanshory; Fatma Abdel Hamid Ibrahim; Ahmed Samy El-shafey

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Prof. Hanan Alfy Prof. Amany Farid Hasballah Prof. Marwa Tamim A. Abdel-Wareth Prof. Tonjock Rosemary Kinge Dr. Faiza Javaid Tariq Dr. Yousra A. El-Maradny Prof. Paola Angelini Dr. Rajesh Kumar K. C. (Raj) Prof. Kandikere Sridhar Dr. Akram Hassan Mohamed Prof. Sandra Pérez Álvarez Prof. Tarek Nour Soliman Esmail Dr. Minaxi Sharma Dr. Sarah Ahmed Dr. Graziana Difonzo Dr. Mariana Erasmus Dr. Sara Raouia Noumeur Prof. Neveen Mounir Mohamed Abdelmotilib Prof. Elhagag Ahmed Hassan Prof. Awatif Abid Al-Judaibi Prof. Francesca Degola Prof. Samina Sarwar Prof. Huda Raheem Hashim Prof. Rondro Harinisainana Baohanta Prof. Wassima Lakhdari Prof. Eman Khalifa Dr. Francisco Junior Simões Calaça Dr. Marina Mefleh Dr. Parisa Razaghi Dr.Soumya Ghosh Dr. Sara Amiri Fahliyani Prof. Fatma El-Zahraa Youssef Dr. Samaneh Bashiri Prof. Hawraa F.H. Al-Abedi Dr. Iman Hadi Alfayyadh Dr. Hebatallah H. Abo Nahas Prof. Dalel Daâssi Prof. Maria Iasmina Moza Prof. Mohauman Mohammad Majeed Al- Rufaie Prof. Donia Hosni Sheir Dr. Randa Mlik Dr. Fatma Abo Nouh Dr. Fadwa Jamaledden Mahnni

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