Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2021 
Molecular dual actions of hsa-miRNA and v-miRNA in oncogenic EBV

Pages 1-10

Rezhna Kheder Ali; Sazan Qader Maulud; Paywast Jamal Jalal; Jivan Qasim Ahmed

An annotated bibliography of medical mycology in Iraq: 1962 -2021

Pages 11-31

Anaam F. Hussain; Huda R. Hashim; Teroj A. Mohamed; Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem

Fungal conservation in Arab countries

Pages 32-34

Teroj A. Mohamed; Rabab Majead Abed; Milad Adnan Mezher; Hebatallah M. Abo Nahas; Wassima Lakhdari; Shimal Younis Abdul-Hadi; Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem

The role of endophytic fungi in combating abiotic stress on tomato

Pages 35-48

Fatma Abo Nouh; Abdelghafar Abu-Elsaoud; Ahmed Abdel-Azeem

Genomic DNA extraction from minimal amount of dried mushroom samples

Pages 49-54

Dominique Strauss; Soumya Ghosh; Zurika Murray; Marieka Gryzenhout